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Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Kitchen Cabinets

When kitchen cabinets are well-made, they can last as long as half a century. If this is the case with your house, then you may never have to change the cabinets for your entire lifetime. If you have just moved into a house, or you have stayed in it for a while, you may start to notice signs that get you wondering whether it is time to make the big move.

Replacing kitchen cabinets is a big deal because it means letting go of what you have used for a while. However, before you make this decision, we can help you determine whether it is the right step to take. In this article, we discuss some of the tell-tale signs that it is indeed time to replace the cabinets.

Outdated Styles

One of the primary signs that you should be changing your cabinets is because you are not happy with how your cabinets look. Above, we mentioned that some cabinets, depending on their quality, can stay for long periods of time. While this is an advantage, it can be advantageous as well.

Some people love to stay up to date with current trends and an old-style on your kitchen cabinets is not going to work for them. If this is you, do not feel guilty. Desiring an updated kitchen design is nothing to be ashamed about. If your cabinets do not match your style preferences, it is a sign that time for change has come. As you choose the new cabinets, ensure your preferred style is classic and unlikely to go out of style in the near future.

Water Damage

Most cabinets are made of wood, which can be easily destroyed by water. This kind of damage occurs especially in places where there is water leakage. When water comes into contact with wood, it causes swelling and the development of dark spots. Moreover, the cabinets develop problems such as not closing properly.

When this happens, it is time to replace your cabinets. You can consider adding water-resistant parts to areas such as the base of the cabinet. However, as you sort out this problem, do not forget to address the core issue. The water damage may come as a result of leaking pipes. In such a case, ensure that you get a plumber to fix the issue because if you do not, the damage may reoccur in the future.

Changing your Kitchen Layout for Maximum Functionality

As your family grows, you may find that your needs change and the current kitchen layout does not fit you and your family’s needs. For instance, you may want to change your cabinets so that you can have more storage space and to give the kitchen area a facelift. You may want to change how your cabinets look to have a better means of storing cooking supplies or for many other reasons. If this is the case with you, then it is only right to change your cabinets. After all, what is the use of cabinets that cannot serve you?

Soft, worn-out cabinets

Apart from not matching your style, old cupboards may look worn-out and some parts such as the handles may be lost. Over time, cabinet walls also become soft and eventually fall apart. If you see the sides of your cabinets becoming soft, then this is a sign of impending disaster. Also, the cabinet box may have served you and your family for many years, and you have drilled holes and mounted new hinges on the cabinet door over the years.

It reaches a point where the cabinet box cannot support new doors. This is when the need to replace comes in. if you still make attempts to replace soft and worn out parts, you will only be wasting your time and resources. Instead of replacing parts, invest in new, quality cabinets that will serve you better and longer.


You may be remodeling your home and are wondering whether your cabinets deserve a face-lift as well. If this is you, then the answer is yes. Remodeling is a tough job that involves tearing apart floors, unhanging doors among other activities. When it is time to remodel your kitchen, the cabinets are not likely to last through the process.

There is a chance that they will be damaged. If they are not, how will they look when the rest of the kitchen looks new? Your cabinets will look out of place in a well-arranged, new kitchen, creating the need for replacing them. When you are remodeling your home, consider replacing your cabinets as part of the project.

As one of the areas that are most utilized in the home, the kitchen deserves attention. If you are looking to transform your kitchen, replacing the cabinets is a good place to start. As you set out on this journey, remember to choose the right Perth Cabinet Maker to help you meet your needs.

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How To Choose The Right Cabinet Maker

You have been planning for so long, and now, everything is in place. You have the right mindset, and your finances are looking up. It is finally time to add cabinets in your home. This is a wonderful idea because, in most areas of the house where there are cabinets, they can completely change the look of a room. You, therefore, only want to get the best cabinets made by the best cabinet maker in Perth. The best cabinet maker, however, may not be the right cabinet maker for your needs. That is why, in this article, we help you understand how to choose the right cabinet maker.

Consider their track record

Before working with a cabinet maker, you will want to consider their past work. There are two ways to go about this. First, you can do a simple Google search to help you sieve through your options. When you search online, it gives a peek into the cabinet maker’s experience. You will be able to see some of the projects they have undertaken before and determine whether they can do a professional job or not. Also, consider how long they have been in business.

Those who have been around for long are more likely to have built a solid reputation from the excellent work they are doing. Experience and consistency mean that their work has improved over the years, too and that they understand the world of cabinet making and the technology that helps them make the best cabinets.

Alternatively, you can choose to visit the websites of the cabinet makers that you think would be best for you. Looking at their websites gives you a sneak peek into the kind of company you are going to be dealing with and gives you the information you will need to contact them. A search like this is also essential because it gives you an idea of what your ideal cabinet should look like.

Ensure that you are comfortable with the cabinet maker

As you proceed with the cabinet maker search, you will want to get a cabinet maker you can be comfortable around. You will need help and guidance to choose the right style and make of the cabinets that you want, and you will ask questions every now and then.

Ensure that you get a company that can help you explore your options and make the best out of the process, from consultation to the installation of the cabinets. You can do this by only making a call to the cabinet makers on your list. Ask them about their services and possibly have some quotes done. You will get a glimpse into their communication style and their pricing, which is crucial as you proceed.

If you get the feeling that they value customer relations, you will feel comfortable communicating your needs with them.

Visit the showroom

Your ideal cabinet maker may have a showroom where they showcase some of their best designs. If this is the case, do not hesitate to visit them. While at it, look at how enthusiastic the staff members are about their work. Do not be afraid to ask questions and to get a feel for these products. After all, you will be spending your money to get them to do the job for you.

Consult with a sales representative because they usually have answers to questions that relate to their services. Talking to a staff member also gives you a picture of the kind of communication to expect in the future from the company. If they attend to you well and show a willingness to go into detail and you like what you see, then this may be the right partner for you.

Look at previous customer reviews

Getting to understand what other customers think about a cabinet maker can be crucial in helping you to decide the right partner for you. Google reviews and company testimonials are an excellent place to start. Reviews from other customers will show you whether the company is trustworthy and credible.

These reviews will help you know how easy and seamless it is to work with the cabinet maker and the kinds of challenges you are likely to experience. If there are contacts in the reviews, you can call to get a deeper understanding of the process, for instance, how long it took to complete the project and how transparent the company is with its customers.

If you find that the company worked well with its customers, letting them know what was going on throughout the process, it points to a transparent, efficient, and organized partner that you can trust to get the job done.

Finding the right cabinet maker involves more than just hearing from one or two people that a particular company is the best. To get the right one for your needs, you will need to get out of your comfort zone and look at the options you have, consider their communication style and past work, reviews, and even visit them. After following these steps, you will get the right partner for your needs.

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