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Laundry Cabinet Maker Perth: Quick And Easy Way to Create More Space in Your Laundry Room

Well-designed, good-quality, properly installed laundry cabinets are the easiest and permanent way to create more space in your laundry room. And this has been proven by millions of homeowners.

Have you ever been frustrated with not having enough space in your laundry room? Upset that you can’t have countertops, hanging space for laundered clothes, laundry room baskets, and space for folding your clothes?

Sure, you have, but here’s the problem. Where do you find a skilled, reliable, and experienced laundry cabinet manufacturer? Many such companies claim to be professional, reliable, honoring deadlines, and paying attention to details, but you know that this isn’t true. So, where does that leave you? What are your options? Is there any affordable laundry cabinet maker in Perth that you can trust to deliver cabinets that are of the highest quality? That you can enjoy for years to come without having to repair and replace after five years, that you can use without having to worry about crooked doors, loose hinges, scratched and dented faces, deteriorating drawers, warping boxes, and other nasty surprises? 

High-Quality, Strong, Beautiful and Affordable Laundry Cabinets

We are Perth’s leading cabinet manufacturer, and we have solutions to your problems and fears. Perth Cabinet Makers is a professional team of craftsmen. We have specialists in every stage of cabinetry, from the initial consultation, design, manufacturing, and installation. Our experts are highly skilled in completing the job on time, every time.


We are renowned for quality, we are driven by passion, and our desire for perfection fuels us. We know how certain costly designs of cabinets maybe, that’s why we believe that getting it right the first time is a must. We pride ourselves on customer service and effective communication because, most of the time, miscommunication on the part of the manufacturer will lead to dissatisfied customers. Building long-lasting relationships with our clients sit at the core of our business model. In many ways, this explains why 75 percent of our business today is from happy customers in Western Australia that we have done business in the past. 



As we see it, this is an opportunity for you to become more efficient in your laundry room. Your laundry room should not be a small crowded room that you can’t stand dwelling in. It should be a happy place where you can easily complete your chores. 


And that’s where we come in, to help you create more space in your laundry room. You can trust Perth Cabinet Makers to design, deliver, and install cabinets with lots of space to store your items. With more space in your laundry room, perhaps you can have those countertops you always wanted, laundry baskets, or maybe even a sewing machine or whatever you want. 


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4 Reason Why Cabinets Are “Must Have” in Your Laundry Room

We are going to give you a couple of reasons that justify why you need laundry cabinets. Can you remember the good old days when the typical laundry room was just an old, messy small room? Well, we do, but things have changed quite a bit. Nowadays, the average Perth homeowner is sophisticated and stylish; they pay attention to both organization and appearance of every room in the house. And while most of it has to do with lifestyle and preference, it’s no secret that good quality, well-designed, and properly installed laundry cabinets will increase the value of your house. Further, separate laundry cabinets will help you distinguish between laundered clothes and clothes set aside for washing. That said, here are a few reasons why you need laundry cabinets.

Storage Space: The first benefit of laundry cabinets is space, extra storage space that you can use to store your ironing supplies, craft items, and laundry supplies. With so much extra space, you can store other non-related laundry items in your cabinet.

Better Organization: We aren’t saying that your laundry room cannot be organized without laundry cabinets. But what we are saying is that offices will help you to organize your laundry room better. You will have fixed space to store your laundry supplies; that way, you will quickly and easily locate your supplies when you need them.

Additional Work Area: Another benefit of a laundry cabinet is the endless options they offer. For example, with base cabinets, you would have countertops that you can use to fold your clothes, do a little sewing, paint, or do whatever you want to do in your laundry room.

Aesthetically Appealing Room: Beauty is another dimension of the laundry cabinet. Well-designed cabinets give your laundry room an aesthetic appeal that projects your personality and style.

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When you hire us, you know you’re getting highly qualified professionals who have the expertise and experience to make sure your project is completed with the highest quality.


Building design and construction process — step by step

Once someone from our design team has been to your home or business and had a discussion about all your requirements, we then go back to our workshop and bring to life the design on our specialized software. This means you can see exactly what your project will look like before we begin the manufacturing process. We only use the highest quality products available and all our work comes with a warranty. We will be there with you every step of the way and can also project manage other trades, providing you with all your electrical, plumbing, tiling and building needs, making the whole experience an enjoyable one.



Customers want a meaningful design. Engaging our customers is an enjoyable creative interaction of discovery and sharing and exploring ideas. We help to refine customer preferences for room environment, style, workflow and organization and test these through mock-ups and samples.

Designing Custom Cabinets

At Perth Cabinet Maker, design can be organic or developed through numerous ordering systems and the custom nature of our work offers an extraordinary range of styling, mouldings, accoutrements and finishes.

Create a Prototype

When we develop new-to-the-world ideas, we prototype these solutions to meet exceptional standards of beauty and function. Prototyping is a rigorous and demanding endeavor, yet very creative and rewarding.


Merging technology and craft. Some machinery is computer controlled and some entirely computer-driven. They perform repetitive and strenuous work allowing our craftsmen to immerse themselves in their specialty and enjoy the creative and artistic side of woodworking with exceptional results.


We have teams of installation experts and guarantee that all of our woodworking is installed appropriately and functions to the highest standards. If customers choose to employ their contractors, we will assist.

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